About Engineering eLearning Center’s eMETA Mini Courses

There are four technologies that are revolutionizing the engineering landscape: Internet of Things, Big Data, Immersive Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

In addition, these technologies are evolving at an exponential rate requiring engineers to constantly update their knowledge to maintain best practises for their clients.

eMETA Mini Courses are short, inexpensive, online, self-directed courses designed to provide engineers with a clear, concise understanding of how these four emerging technologies are applied in their field of engineering.

To ensure our courses are fully up to date with the latest developments in these technologies we create our courses using Artificial Intelligence, input from qualified industry professionals and tutorials from technology companies and institutions developing these technologies.

All eMETA courses qualify for both unstructured PDH and structured CEU technical learning credits issued by most US State Engineering Regulatory Organizations and all Canadian Provincial and Territorial Engineering Regulatory Organizations.

We launched our site in March 2024 with a four-part series “Emerging Technologies, The Future of Engineering” These courses provide an introductory foundation for all courses eMETA will be publishing in the future. We therefore recommend that if you are an engineer unfamiliar with IoT, Big Data, Immersive Realities or AI or wish to update your knowledge of these technologies, you take these courses before proceeding with other eMETA courses.

Keeping Engineers Up To Date with the Latest Technologies

Engineers can also use eMETA Mini Courses as a resource to keep their professional practise up to date.

We are constantly monitoring for updates of IoT, Big Data, Immersive Realities and AI technology as they are applied in engineering. We are also in communication with many companies and institutions developing these technologies with the understanding they will notify us when they are about to release a new software or hardware update. We will post these updates in relevant courses. Engineers enrolled in these courses will have permanent, free access to these postings.

In addition, every month eMETA will be publishing new courses for different sectors of engineering. To receive updates on new courses subscribe to our emailing list at the top of the “Browse Courses” page. You will also receive notice of our free online trimester newsletter “Emerging Technologies in Engineering” containing valuable articles by industry experts on new developments in the application of these technologies in engineering.