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deliver content -  automate CEUs - earn revenue


EIC Member Societies and Quality Providers:

Offer your members quality online learning programs, EIC Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and generate revenue without risk or exhausting your administrative resources.

  • Expand your reach and services to all cities and regions of Canada
  • Deliver convenient live webinars and web-based self-paced courses to your members
  • Free webinar setup and course installation (absolutely no upfront fee required)
  • Automated issuing of EIC Continuing Education Units and Certificates of Completion
  • Turnkey hosting, support and management services
  • Offer attractive sponsorship programs to your business/corporate partners
  • Generate revenue for your organization through registration fees and sponsorship
  • All EIC eLearning and sponsorship services provided on a share of revenue basis only



Free set-up, live support and management throughout webinar event, up to 1,000 participants accommodated, automated issuing of credits and certificate of completion. 

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self-paced courses.


Free course installation, accommodates a variety of course formats: recorded webinars, videos, PowerPoints with voice over commentary, PDFs etc., automated issuing of credits and Certificate of Completion.

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Sponsor your eLearning webinars and self-paced courses, attractive promotional packages you can sell to your business/corporate partners, turnkey management of your eLearning sponsorship program.

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The EIC eLearning Centre is operated under the auspices of the Engineering Institute of Canada in partnership with eMETA Learning Solutions.

EIC member societies and quality providers:

As an introductory offer eMETA will assist you in developing a live Webinar or building a Self-Paced Course.